Data Innovation:

Exploring data’s power to transform.

A.I.-driven insights change everything. Reap the rewards!


Shape your business with intelligence.

We believe everyone should reap the benefits of A.I. and machine learning—not just those with the deepest pockets—but most mid-sized companies can’t afford the diverse mesh of skills and technology it takes to compete.

In response, Trovo has assembled an ecosystem of smart solutions, services, and experts to democratize data innovation and level the playing field for companies of all sizes!

Innovating from the Inside and Out


Identifying ways your data can be connected with other sources to generate new sources of value.


Creating new efficiencies that cut costs, improve processes, or ensure safer operations.


Reimagining the customer experience to deliver higher levels of engagement and loyalty.

Our process: From ideas to competitive advantage.


We design A.I.-powered solutions that will achieve your goals, whether they involve driving value with enriched customer experiences, commercializing your own machine learning models, or simply improving efficiency.


Each engagement with our lab starts with a multi-day working session where we work to understand the problem you are looking solve. By combining our knowledge of the market with your data, we explore all possibilities and prioritize them based your current data fluidity, goals, and budget.


After getting our hands around the problem we start designing machine-learning models. Think of us as your data innovation team. We have the technology to design, launch, and tune models to drive toward any desired objective.


With always-on monitoring and surveillance of your data, alongside concrete and easy-to-understand metrics, we help you keep a close eye on the returns your investments are generating and make adjustments as needed to optimize results.


For most companies, the improvements will speak for themselves by generating value or cutting costs, but others choose to commercialize our co-created models as a new product or business. Trovo can bring data-driven businesses to market and has them generating revenue in less than 9 months.


How we model competitive advantage.

Trovo provides the logical framework and software to automate effectively.


Start modeling your future.

Learn more about our data innovation workshops to accelerate your competitive advantage.


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