Take control with always-on data surveillance and a clear measurement of risk.

Know where you stand, reduce unnecessary financial exposure!

A granular view of your data and risk.

Taking control starts with knowing what you have. With a suite of A.I.-powered solutions, Trovo offers automated, always-on surveillance and monitoring so you can focus on goals.

Calculate your data surface area


Data Intelligence

Data intelligence has redefined business but only a select few can answer basic questions about what their data is worth. Probably because until now, reliable insights are only available to those with the biggest budgets and a slew of consultants.


Know What You Have

Find, model, and monitor every piece of your structured and semi-structured from the mundane to the highly sensitive.

Understand Your Exposure

Address data sensitivity, sprawl, or compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS, or any major regulatory framework

Real-Time Surveillance

Always on data surveillance ensures data sprawl and exposure are within the threshold of acceptance.

Calculate your total addressable data risk.
Down to the dollar.


A.I.-powered insights for any business situation.


Unsupervised Data Classification

From a high-level executive view, down to the details: Know every piece of data you have, everywhere on your network.

Data Compliance Audit

Automatically assess compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS, or any other framework.

Data Redundancy

Eliminate duplicative data to reduce costs and exposure to unnecessary risk.

Data Sensitivity

Understand which of your data is most sensitive so you can better protect it.

Financial Exposure

Know the dollar amount of your financial exposure and account for it, insure against it, or remediate.

Data Sprawl

Your data is changing every day. Keep an eye on shifting risk, redundancy, and storage costs.

Governance and Resource Planning

Offer highly-regulated, but flexible, governance that ensures security without slowing down your business.

Remediation Triggers

Set up automated alerts, trigger third-party services, and alert your team to any defined data event that may require action.

Policy Editor

Tailor your cyber-policy to customizable goals, priorities, and level of risk.

Trovo plugs into your existing data stack.

Trovo provides a lens into all existing data sources so you can see everything.

Find Out Where You Stand

Create a real-time view of risk and redundancy of your entire data supply chain.