Business Data Challenges are never-ending.
All the more reason to create endless product possibilities.

You’re not alone in exploring, launching, and scaling your data products.

Designing Your Data Products and Services

Opportunities for growth are hidden among the data you own and the business processes you run. The Trovo approach to helping you overcome business challenges combines art with science to achieve the unimaginable. Sound lofty? We hope so because our focus on your objectives and your operations are proven to turn ordinary data into extraordinary outcomes.

Exploring Your Data Possibilities.

Research & Development

Accelerate your time to market with our industry-leading Data Ecosystem, built on insights curated by our data engineering team. To understand factors shaping the industry, culture, technology, and politics, we evaluate hundreds of early-stage startups in machine learning and artificial intelligence and partner with Arizona State University and UC Berkeley to access Ph.D. researchers and ML Experts.

Data Ecosystem Strategy

Your roadmap for data innovation starts with a clear definition of your vision and goals for launching a data product. Working beside your teams in a data innovation sprint, we quickly arrive at a prioritized set of possibilities where data drives new applications and products in a  cost-effective manner. The result? A clear view of where to invest and prioritize your go-to-market efforts.

Rapid Prototyping

Bring your data, your product expert, and a business problem, we do the rest to help spin up an MVP of your Data Product. First, we identify the features needed and then test multiple models to determine which is best for solving your specific problem. Once an MVP is achieved, it’s time for development and refinement and then having the market give us feedback.

Case study

Exploring Data

Companies today are forced to wade through petabytes of data in order to find where they might violate compliance rules. Data sprawl creates an even greater challenge—an advanced analytics team building machine learning models will accelerate data sprawl at an unprecedented rate. For analysts tasked with tracing redundancy to determine if data is being used or was simply copied for single use, sprawl is all consuming.

To solve this problem the Trovo product teams used ideas from a graph database to build a cockpit exploration view that allows analysts to explore the data ecosystem based on the relationship of redundancy, the risk to the business, and size of data store.
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Consider the rest of our Data Ecosystem Platform.

Develop New Data Products

Meet the demands of a new economy with scalable data products rigorously tested—prototype to production—by our data development teams. Whether you’re objective is feature engineering, data supply integration or automated optimization of machine learning models, our experts are ready to roll up their sleeves.

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Manage Data Products

Allow your internal teams to focus on driving new product roadmaps by ensuring your data product has maximum uptime. Once a data product is launched, most companies don’t have the resources to consistently optimize models, enhance data and measure efficacy. That’s where our Data Ecosystem Platform provides a turnkey solution for managing the transformation of your business data products and services.

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Scale Data Products

Accelerate your new data products and services to market, increase adoption and remain nimble on the way to achieving your business objectives. Whether you’re launching an internal product or a new venture, you have an invaluable partner with decades of experience in scaling businesses and technology platforms.

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