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In a rush to secure data, we missed something.
Unlocking the value, wasn't that the point?

2023: Ttl Signals/Records Processed YTD: 5.7+ Trillion Rows! (Yes, that's a lot of data)
2022: Ttl Signals/Records Processed - 3.71+ Trillion Rows.
2021: Ttl Signals/Records Processed - 800+Billion Rows.
It's the Factory of Tomorrow

Raw data goes in.
Data Products come out.
Your Data Ecosystem.

-Improve your ability to run a data-driven development process by plugging into a framework to maximize ideas and outcomes for today's market.
-We orchestrate the entire process, from data acquisition and data-application development to deployment, at scale with our Data Ecosystem Platform.
-Learn about the six vectors you can leverage from our Data Ecosystem approach.

Orchestrate. Enrich. Leverage Your Data.

Data Orchestration

Our data supply chain framework takes the work out of integrating and accessing multiple third-party sources so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business. We handle the other details so your team can focus on your core business.

Enriched Data

Enrich your first-party data with access to our ecosystem of partners and find the best way to reach the most relevant people in your prospect list.

Data Ecosystem Platform

Our Data Ecosystem Platform is built via hundreds of strategic contributing members. Our approach enables us to deliver insights our competition can’t compete with. While ensuring you have a reliable source of data and insights.

Data Supply Chain Framework

We simplify your data supply chain
so you can focus on generating
your desired business outcomes...

Whether you’re integrating internal or external data sources, our framework and managed services will ensure you are able to launch your data products while remaining nimble.
Partner Spotlight

Learn how to leverage your data to identify and resolve who is on your identity graph correctly.

Featured Product: Flow Engine’s- Identity Graph Solution
What Major Elements Should A Data Ecosystem Contain?

Data Accessibility

A company's ability to acquire data from dozens of diverse sources requires a sophisticated acquisition machine and comprehensive strategy. The competition requires the ability to catalog and evaluate the data it receives at scale, usually in the billions of records. The most profitable firms all have this capability either internally or externally with us; they only pay a fraction of the cost.

Data Supply Chain

A company's ability to manipulate and process data to build digital products. This includes cleansing, transformation, linking, and cross-walking core raw data elements to identify higher-value combinations via automation. In addition, if your firm is not using the latest technologies like Snowflake, DBT, and related, you may be at a significant speed and cost disadvantage.

Data Insights & Monetization

A company's ability to extract value from the data products it creates is critical. Even of greater importance is the ability to implement the value identified. This can either improve margins or lead to more significant revenue opportunities. These insights can come from machine learning models, data linkages, and event tracking. What is important is to let the data tell the story as to which path to follow. As with any potential finding tracking it return on investment is required to know if it should be repeated.

Data Partners & Data Driven Culture

A data-driven culture is a core capability required to compete in the new economy. This includes understanding your data and the ecosystem needed to run it. If the executive team demonstrates the critical nature of properly managing their data ecosystem, it will permeate the entire organization. As part of this type of culture, the more successful firms include 3rd-party firms that have capabilities they don't internally.

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