Are you on the wrong side of the Data Divide?

. Being different is required to earn a more significant share of your market, and elevate your company. Our SOLUTIONS below focus on the areas needed to deliver on being different in the new era of Data Ecosystems.

Implement the ability to generate a fixed Cost Per Lead (CPL).

Do you have all of the critical bases covered to drive the next-generation top-of-funnel lead-gen machine? Leverage our platform and resources when you’re ready. The Data Ecosystem we've built can be implemented quickly and demonstrate its effectiveness.

Our Main Solutions:

Lead Data Cloud

We have created a predictable way to generate LEADS from your existing captive website traffic. Our ability to identify your traffic and enrich these prospects provides you with the ability to 5x your total number of leads.

This arbitrage is meant to enable you to generate leads at a WHOLESALE price. Let us demonstrate how we have done this for over 500+ companies in the last quarter, resulting in over 72.1 million net-new prospects.


Audience Data Cloud

If you want to control your audience activations for your programmatic ads, then we have a solution that can help with Audience Data Cloud (ADC).

Let us share how it operates, and we can save you at least 30% on your activation fees versus the competition.

Media Placement Cloud

Accelerate your top-of-funnel by leveraging our resolution network and identity graph to drive our Demand Side Platform (DSP).

We do this at a fixed cost so you can expand your Ad reach and SAVE at least 50% versus your current providers. Let’s implement a test to prove it works for you and that the cost gains are real.

What other benefits do we provide our partners?

PE Funds-control over their CAC

Fixed cost of goods as it relates to your top-of-funnel lead generation. A flexible business model that morphs to your portfolio company's needs. A partner that provides a strategic advantage you can not replicate in the market where it matters most above the line.

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Marketing Agencies-Top of Funnel

We help you pinpoint new prospects, increase top-of-funnel efficiency, and reduce customer acquisition costs. By leveraging our “five arb” approach, identify your ideal customers to target, and build custom CPL models to fit your end-clients no one pricing model fits every client, and we know that. We work to solve the hardest top-of-funnel problem -controlling your cost per lead.

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Vertical Marketplaces-Savings on CPL

Optimize the cost and timing of new customer acquisition by automating your top-of-funnel. We have become a platform that drives growth across many types of businesses; we help provide a consistent COG for your CAC. For the first time, you have a partner willing to help make the major inputs required to drive your lead gen tied to your success.

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