What does it take to compete

in the data economy?

A new set of insights to manage risk and drive innovation.


Uncover your data’s value, address its risks,

and realize its full potential.

Harness the power of machine learning to improve operations, enrich customer experiences, and increase value.


The Corporate Data Economy Explained

From raw materials to a fully realized data economy:
Where do you fall on the continuum?

Take control. Invest with confidence.

Every piece of data—from the mundane to the highly sensitive—carries value and risk. And all of it can play a part in your innovation strategy. But before you can invest with confidence, you need to know what you have and take control of your data’s risk.


Trovo’s solutions provide always-on data discovery, clear measurement of risk exposure and value, and the machine learning models to drive corporate innovation.


Data Discovery

Find, model, and monitor every piece of your data using advanced data-surveillance technology—without ever jeopardizing confidential business data.

Risk & Exposure

Identify your level of risk due to data sensitivity, sprawl, or compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS, or any major regulatory framework.

Opportunity & Value

An ecosystem of smart solutions, services, and experts to democratize data innovation and level the playing field for companies of all sizes.


Find Out Where You Stand

Create a realtime view of risk and redundancy of your entire data supply chain.