Building A World-Class Data Co-Op. Together.

In a rush to secure data we missed something.
Unlocking the value, wasn't that the point?
Data Co-Op Platform

Raw data goes in.
Data Products come out.
It’s the factory of tomorrow.

Improve your efficiency in data-driven development by plugging into a framework designed to maximize ideas and outcomes for today's market. We orchestrate the entire process from data acquisition, data-application development to deployment, at scale with our Data Co-Op Platform.

Orchestrate. Enrich. Exchange Data.

Data Orchestration

Our data orchestration framework takes the work out of integrating and accessing multiple third-party sources so you can focus on what matters. Growing your business. We handle the other details.

Enriched Data

Enrich your first-party data with access to the leading Social Experience Graph (SEG) and find the best way to reach the most relevant people in your prospect list. With over 100M+ resolved identities and 5.0 Trillion shared experiences mapped for you. SEG’s are the fastest path to identifying who can help your sales teams gain access to potential prospects.

Data Co-Op Platform

Our Data Co-Op is built via dozens of strategic contributing co-op members. Our marketplace enables us to deliver insights our competition can’t compete with. While ensuring you have a reliable source of data and insights protected by your membership.

Data Orchestration Framework

We simplify data orchestration
so you can focus on generating
your desired business outcomes

Whether you’re integrating internal or external data sources, our framework and managed services will ensure you are able to launch your data products while remaining nimble.

"Trovo gave us the
confidence to know we
were compliant with both

- Kurt Donnell | President, Freestar
#1 on INC 500

Partner Spotlight

Learn how to leverage your data so you can properly identify and resolve what is on your shared experience graph.

Featured Product: Flow Engine’s- Shared Experience Graph Solution

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Innovate Your Data Products

Lead your business forward guided by our design team’s focus on the possibilities that data brings to driving strategy and user experience in your digital product delivery. Our multi-discipline team helps you extract value from your data with a custom set of insights, laying the foundation for your data innovation roadmap, rapid prototypes, and data experiences.

Develop Your Data Products

Meet the demands of the new economy with scalable data products rigorously tested—prototype to production—by our development teams. Whether your objective is feature engineering, data supply integration, or automated optimization of machine learning models, our experts are ready to roll up their sleeves.

Manage Data Products

Allow your internal teams to focus on driving growth by ensuring your data product has maximum uptime. Once a data product is launched, most companies don’t have the resources to consistently optimize models, enhance data and measure efficacy. That’s where our Data Innovation Factory provides a turnkey solution for managing the transformation of your business.

Scale Data Products

Grow revenue, increase adoption and remain nimble on the way to achieving your business objectives. Whether you’re launching an internal product or a new venture, you have an invaluable partner in our decades of experience scaling businesses and technology platforms.