We’ve built the most sophisticated Data Management Platform in the market.

So, why should you care? Read on and see how we manage one of the most sophisticated data supply chains in the world for our partners.
Success Factoid: We process over 50+ billion signals/records per day through our data supply chain.
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We walk our talk. As a result of running our DMP, we power one of the largest lead resolution networks in the world.

We've built and managed these capabilities
on behalf of tier one agencies and brands.

How do we know it works?
With our 500+ resolution partners we have generated 72.1 million in prospects leveraging our DMP.
Our Platform

Where can we help you implement
the greatest amount of leverage?

Companies are forced to wade through petabytes of data to find where they might find an edge. Data sprawl creates an even more significant challenge—how can the average marketer find the areas they can apply leverage and reduce costs or improve conversions? We enable them to do it at scale with our platform.

To solve this problem, the Trovo Solutions takes advantage of our proven "DMP Levers" that enable our partners multiple ways to drive their bottom-line activities at scale.
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The "Five Major Levers" our DMP offers...

Lever #1: DMP
Data Management Platform

By partnering with Trovo, you can enjoy the fractional cost processing model we have built up as well as the expertise around creating data driven products.

Lever #2: Resolution Network
Resolution Network

Don’t let your visitor resolution infrastructure fall short.

With our resolution pixel and endpoint technology, we have been able to identify millions of website visitors, enrich the data with over 100+ attributes, and supercharge our partner’s digital marketing campaigns.

Lever #3 Enrichment
Leverage Our Enrichment Capability

Don’t just be focused on the individual device, have visibility into the entire customer.

We have built an ecosystem of strategic partners where we have established a single-pane customer view collecting and combining customer personal identifiers to complete a customer profile. 

Lever #4 DSP Activation
Demand-side Platform Activation

The key to any successful re-targeting campaign is understanding which ones to target. We can do that. Activating a record is costly, especially if you have millions to do each month.

Lever #5 Our Business Model
Flexible Biz Model

Don’t be subjected to a premium-priced cost model where you pay full freight for core services.

To expand your margins, you need more “arbs” to help drive greater gross profit built into your financial model. Our approach is to help with financial engineering to provide business model flexibility that matches how you do business.

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