Being different earns market share.
So why use Data Product's built for someone else?

Bring the data you already own. We’ll help you turn it into new data products and service opportunities.

Developing Your Data Products & Services

Making something extraordinary out of your raw data is what our team loves to do. Best of all, the outcomes come at a fraction of the time and effort you’d spend developing a comparable data product on your own. Let’s collaborate and create.

Developing On Our Data Ecosystem Foundation.

Data Ecosystem Platform

Tapping into market-wide trends requires access to data sets that can be cost-prohibitive for many mid-size businesses. The Trovo Data Ecosystem approach can work one of two ways; we help you build your own ecosystem leveraging your data, or we securely combine your data with our co-op of partners to enrich a new data product you can offer to your clients.

Data Products

Take your MVP from a good idea to a great product. Every aspect of data product design is addressed by our product team, from mapping the data supply chain to model optimization, and lastly, packaging to go-to-market strategy.

Data Product Optimization

Shorten the deployment of product changes from months to mere weeks. By design, a data product generates a new set of meta-data that tells us how well it’s performing against your vision and goals. With product-specific performance monitoring, we fine-tune data, models, and user experience to achieve the ultimate control and feedback system.

Consider the rest of our Data Ecosystem Platform.

Design Data Products

Lead your business forward guided by our design team’s focus on the possibilities that data brings to driving strategy and user experience in product delivery. Our multi-discipline team helps you extract value from your data with a custom set of insights, laying the foundation for your data innovation roadmap, rapid prototypes, and data experiences.

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Manage Data Products

Allow your internal teams to focus on driving growth by ensuring your data product has maximum uptime. Once a data product is launched, most companies don’t have the resources to consistently optimize models, enhance data and measure efficacy. That’s where our Data Innovation Factory provides a turnkey solution for managing the transformation of your business.

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Scale Data Products

Grow revenue, increase adoption and remain nimble on the way to achieving your business objectives. Whether you’re launching an internal product or a new venture, you have an invaluable partner in our decades of experience scaling businesses and technology platforms.

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