Explore, Launch, Scale: Enterprise Data Innovation Order of Ops

by Dirk Shaw

Integrating data-driven innovation at an enterprise is not a simple task. Besides new and emerging technologies, the process can involve a combination of cultural change management, significant financial investments, and the coordination of your entire leadership team. 

Trovo’s tested and proven order of operations ensures investments in data innovation and intelligent management see their highest possible return.


Know what you have, build a list of next steps, and explore rapid ideation, prototyping, and testing.

  • Create data surface maps to calculate financial risk due to sensitive data exposure.
  • Industry playbooks to accelerate ideation among leaders and teams.
  • Develop a data-innovation canvas and outline potential use-cases for driving value.
  • Complete cultural and technology benchmark testing to assess organizational readiness.


Launch new data-insight products to reach any goal — from keeping your risk under control to creating new value for your business.

  • Real-time data-monitoring tech customized to your dataset to keep risk under control.
  • Automated remediation tasks that respond instantly to lower financial exposure.
  • Portfolio management and data innovation pipeline to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Internal data innovation lab to build a culture of innovation. 


Create a culture obsessed with ways data can be used to drive competitive differentiation. 

  • Expanded data-risk monitoring examines new data sources and integrates with data management workflow as your business changes and grows.
  • Cross-sector data-exchange enables collaboration and development of new data products.
  • Multidisciplinary playbooks for data-driven business across sectors. 
  • Corporate data-education platform and training program informs and empowers leadership. 

Trovo can help you make sure your approach to data innovation will get the results you want. Learn more.